Honoring Our Elders

Our Mission

Honoring Our Elders mission is to increase awareness and enhance the quality of life for elders living alone and in senior and long-term care facilities.


Heart to Heart provides an opportunity for teens to bring shelter animals to senior health care facilities for visitation and socialization.

Adopt-An-Elder cares about elders and is committed to addressing their needs. Adopt-An-Elder is a ministry of companionship and volunteers are asked to make a commitment of at least three months.  Volunteers are matched with an elder in a long-term care facility and schedules either bi-weekly or monthly visit.

Silver Stocking provides Christmas gifts and visits to elders in assisted living facilities and nursing homes.  Often times these elders are forgotten during the holidays. Names of elders without family members are provided by the facility administrator along with suggested items.

Crayola Project provides elementary school children an opportunity to adopt a “grandma” or “grandpa” and send them drawings monthly.  Individual classrooms work on this project collectively.

Ma Bell is a telephone visitation program that provides elders living alone weekly or daily telephone calls. This program helps to brighten the day and make sure that the needs of the elder are being met.


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